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ZeroRez tried to steal my customer!
That's a bit of a lie....My customer actually called THEM!

This is a long time customer that I've probably done a couple dozen time over the years. She usually cleans once or twice a year. She called me and set up a cleaning for today.  When I got there I mentioned it had been almost 18 months since I had last cleaned for her. 

She then told me that she had used ZeroRez for her last cleaning.  She has a beach property (way out of my service area) and had had them clean there and they had done a good job so she had them clean her residence where I normally clean. 

At this point I'm a bit confused why I'm here if they did such good job.  So I asked, "What did you like about the job they did?"

"It just felt different"

What do you mean 'different'?

"It felt really soft".

So I told the story of "washing 2 pairs of blue jeans and then hang one on the clothesline and dry one in the dryer" story.

I then told her I was sorry. She assured me "no problem - I called you this time!"

Everything turned out ok and nothing more was said.  

But obviously I was bugged.  I started tthinking about what could have caused ZeroREz clean carpets to be softer feeling than  when I clean.

I got some ideas.  It's getting late so I'll let anyone who wants to suggest what they think it might be and I'll post my thoughts tomorrow.
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Using encap products will leave the carpet naturally a bit stiffer than non encap products. In most cases, crystallizers will leave the carpet stiffer than film formers.  Using too much of any encap, especially crystallizers, can leave the carpet with a crunchy stiffness until vacuumed.

The old "if a little is good, more must be better mentality", when using crystallizers , will definitely leave the fibers with more stiffness.   However, most stiffness will go away with the first vacuuming or two.

On the other hand, carpets will naturally stay cleaner longer with well formulated encap products.  They not only do not leave sticky residue, but they actually remove sticky residue left behind from other cleaning products used, spills from drinks, etc.   More dirt with come up in the customer's vacuum once the sticky crap has been removed from using well formulated encaps.  The customer's carpet will stay cleaner, longer.

So it becomes a matter of choice; use products that leave the carpet softer and get dirty again faster or use encap products that have more far reaching benefits.  That choice must be made by each individual professional.  Each profession can discuss this with their customer and make a decision what type of product they want to use to please that particular customer.

Hope this helps,

P.S.  She might have called you again because she noticed her carpet not staying clean as long as usual; customers don't tell you everything.  Of course she might have called you again just because you are sexy to her.   Wink
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Seems to be an issue with some clients, unsure about remedy, but I do like your explaination.

If you find the remedy, let us know.

Have a great day  padding
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Could be that is what ZeroRez bragged about and it is all in there head. Regardless I would bet they did not clean it very well or they would have been called back.
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Well, a couple of things happened between now and that opening post.

Of course it was bugging me since she said that so I went back and did some checking.  Her last cleaning (before the one yesterday) actually was completed 2 months BEFORE I started using Vacaway products.   At that time I was using a portable extractor to mostly provide the spraying application of the cleaner I was using at that time along with just a quick extraction with the wand, followed up by a buffer/cotton pad to dry.  I'm guessing it was left a bit damper than I'm leaving it now so it probably dried a bit "firm".

I'm no longer using the portable, just use it for upholstery and tile&grout.  

the second thing is that she emailed me this morning and said "The carpets look and feel perfect!" 

Case closed!

PS -   Steve - I gave you the "Thanks" on your comment since you suggest maybe she thought I was sexy!   (Even though she is a 84 yr old lady! And the other part that I omitted from the first post  was that this lady was my 4th grade teacher!)   I'll take anything like that from anyone, anytime!

PSS - I definitely fall into that "more is better" category.  I use HKE at 6oz for almost every job.  I'm guessing overkill probably half the time.
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