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Encap A Cide
Well it has been so long since I've been on the board lots of good stuff to read and like always Steves products are rock solid.  I recently had some time to play with encapacide.  What an awesome product .  I have had a chance to play with all the competitive cides and even though they work great they cost time and money compared to encapacide!  I had to wipe down a entire house with  a competative product not long ago as it smelt of cury.  The product did remove the odor but left everything a bit sticky so  i had to wipe it all back down. Recently had a chance to do a similair job with encapacide worked great and not sticky so saved me a lot of time and time is money!  Great stuff! thanks
Andy Kramer
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Thanks Andy!

BTW, Grant DeRemer contacted me in September of 2015 and wanted to know if there was any other polymer that I could use in Encap-A-Cide cuz the polymer that we were using had a slight ammonia like scent as Encap-A-Cide was being applied.

A few other polymers were tested and we are happy to say that we found one that has zero ammonia like scent forms a film better and also provides some additional cleaning power.  

Bottom line:  Any product sold from Oct 10, 2015 on has a lower natural odor of its own and cleans better as well.

Thanks for your suggestion and for helping me with the testing of an even better product Grant!

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I concur, this is a great product
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