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fringe cleaning on site?
I was wondering if anybody has a good process for cleaning fringe on area rugs with low moisture cleaning process on site?
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The danger with on site fringe cleaning is fringe needs a lot of water to clean and the cotton can change color and brown until it is fully dry.

Some acid mixes applied to fringe in a spray bottle can help but fans are needed.

If you spend 2 hours with some fans in a house and make sure the fringe is dry then maybe you can avoid a customer calling you back to fix browning issues.

Other problem is what available surface is in home to clean the rug and then set it out of the way to dry with fans on it.

Only time you can clean fringe in house is when it is very very lightly soiled and you do not have to use any more than a light mist on fringe.

Most pro rug cleaners recommend taking out rugs so you can keep the rug prices high around the country------so if you are charging $3--$5 a ft the customer has no problem paying that when you take out rugs-----when everyone else charges that too.  I do cheap rugs in house  for cheap prices but never fringe.

Hope that helps
Look online for tons of rug education on how to and pricing.
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I'm the same as Joel... I do all area rugs on the spot at the customers home and charge per my usual rates...meaning an 10'x12' rug is like $30.

I tell the customer that too, meaning I make sure they understand I'm not doing anything special like cleaning the fringe,  like someone who would clean the rug at a rug cleaning plant, BUT I'm also not charging them the likely $10 a sq/ft they'd pay at a take-away plant.

So then my estimated charge of $30 or whatever it is for the whole area rug sounds great to them.
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