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Low Moisture carpet cleaning business for sale
While I must admit, I enjoy low moisture carpet cleaning, I have decided to sell the business. It will include the van, a 2007 Chevy Express with power windows and door locks air conditioning power heated mirrors and a pretty good am/fm/cd player. The van has recent 10 ply tires and is in very good condition. The equipment that goes with it include a 20 inch Vario orbital a 17 inch 175 rpm rotary with a solution tank and spray system. The rotary is nearly new. There is also a big boss sprayer, a Pro team vacuum a bunch of pads of all kinds some chems and a large portable extractor with a Roto-Vac rotary extractor. There is a partial air whip style duct cleaning package as well as 3 expendable poles and a full window cleaning outfit. The business is located in central
My asking price for all is 14500.00.  Please e-mail at with phone contact info and I will get back to you with details and pics.
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