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Area Rug Pricing
Just out of curiosity, how do you guys price area rug cleaning? By sq ft, fiber, soil Etc? I have always just shot from the hip with rugs. I'm using a cimex on them now which is far more efficient.

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i've only done a few over the years. $1/sq.ft. iirc.
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Carpet Cleaner Rochester NY

The tools I use or have on the van ... in order from most used, to least used:  Dyson ; 19" Cimex ; Multi-Sprayer ; Orbot ; Oreck-Orbiter ; Hoover-Conquest ; Cyclo Polisher ; DryPod ; 20" Whittaker Trio.
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You will have to price rugs based on what your customers will pay in your location.

Rug shops charge $3-$6 per ft depending on what rug is and what needs to be done to rug.

If you explain that the rug should be taken out and you know your local rug shop charges $4 a ft than you will have no problem with $1 ft for nice wool rugs but you can not clean fringe or some fibers in a home.

Cheap $300 rugs are a different story but .50-$1 ft is normal.     3x5 for $15 is reasonable for most.

Some area rugs have big furniture on them you must move so more for your back repair fund money is needed.
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