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Tile Cleaning
I'm curious what you guys are using for tile and grout? Chems and equipment. I've got a Cimex and a Trinity and a mother in law with a whole lot of dirty tile I can play with.

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I guess no one cleans tile ?

The most info can be found by putting tile cleaning into the search here for threads.  I have repeated myself many many times so it is on many posts.
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Yep Search is your friend.  Joel and many others have posted a lot about this.

I'll quickly answer.  I now use Shorebest 2790.  CRB. Portable with a Gecko tool to rinse.
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Hi Con,

I have been using Tile Cleaner from Masterblend as a pre-spray, brush grout with hand brush (long handle)  and use a spinner at 900 psi with my truck mount for rinsing.
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CRB w/tile brushes work extremely well as does the Orbot with t&g brush. Anomaly is my go to product.
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I should have explained why I'm using Shorebest 2790. I was using Grease Hawg and getting pretty good results but it foams up in my portable while rinsing  and I have to stop and clean it out with defoamer.  2790 doesn't foam up.
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