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Power Flite ? machines
WOW!! really quiet in here!

BUIt , opinions on power flite machines.?

Locally,  on line auction  
2 speed 20"  1.5 HP machine 
would go look first, it is new. but returned for some reason. 

but. right now could be had for a few dollars.  

BTW,  a few years ago, I happened across my CRB , older DP 420 for $100.00 in an online auction.
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I owned a power flite black max and it was awesome! Never had a problem with it. It was a work horse but heavy going up and down stairs. JMO!
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Powr Flite are certainly affordable, that's for sure. I hear mixed reviews though. Some seem to like them, others not so much....
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i bought a couple of BOGO free air movers from them years ago for a smokin deal and they worked great for years until i sold them. i'd give them another shot for sure in terms of buying a piece of equipment from them.
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Carpet Cleaner Rochester NY

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