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Tough Spot Removal: Tanning Lotion
[Image: usehead.gif]Been bonnet cleaning tanning salons for a while  and always have issue with tanning lotion. I am seeking advice for an encap method, preferably using VacAway products. I do notice some soil / grease transfer with PIG Out but tends to only release / suspend / absorb / transfer so much before having no effect. Are there other procedures or steps of procedures that should be followed?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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Sometimes things change in the environment we clean...
The volume of oils and soil could possible be overwhelming your chemistry. It just cannot keep up.

Products change, some having dyes that cause issues you may not have had before.

I would suggest the following.

1) Use your PIG as you have done in the past.

2) Blot until it is a dry as you can get it with a terry towel.

3) Generously apply Spot-N-Boost, agitate and allow it to work a few minutes. Re-agitate to a foam to suspend the oils, using a scraper to remove the foam and deposit it into a towel. With a fresh towel, Blot as dry as possible.

4) Mist a 50/50 solution of your encapsulating cleaner on the spot. (Hot Knife and water, or Hot Knife and Detonator if it is a stain).

Clean the carpet as usual, padding over the spots with minimal solution.

5) Speed dry with fans if possible.

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I think the above sounds like a good process. However, you might want to simply boost your encap with Spot 'N Boost and allow for some brief dwell time. Follow with a fiber pad to agitate, then pad extract with microfiber.
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