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  Mytee eco-17 or Orbot vibe  

Vibe uses a velcro pad driver and mytee uses the short red bristle pad driver

Which is better to have 

Does one allow for use of a better variety of pads/bonnets over the other

Gotta make up my mind here soon because if it's the vibe I go with I certainly don't want to miss out on
that great introductory offer the have going on. So thanks in advance for all of your feed back
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Both drivers have their pros and cons. I have used both. The Velcro, in theory, would give you more even head weight. However, the brush driver doesn't seem to restrict impact and there are more pad options (thicker pads, for example).
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i agree with Damon. i prefer the red-bristled because it digs in more for me. the only thing that bites about the red-bristled driver is that it needs to be "Broken in" on not-so-smooth concrete for roughly 30 minutes, which creates a dusty mess on your new OP machine. none of the manu's do this for you before you purchase...just something that is good to know beforehand.
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