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Question for Steve
Humor me for a minute.....I  know you've been asked this question 1000 times before (or one similar to it)

Currently mixing my general cleaner of Encap Green at 6oz  per gallon.

I know I mix it heavier than you say.

Would it be a better mixture for removing the occasional tough stain by cutting down to  4 oz Encap Green but then adding 2 oz of Spot-N-boost per gallon?  

I'd still be at 6 oz of product per gallon.
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You can do it that way; however I doubt you will notice much of a difference either way.  

Personally, I would stay with the 6 oz of encap green.  Encap Green will crystallize better and it has a higher foam than SNB Green.  SNB Green does clean better though.  It boils down to a matter of personal preference and what you a trying to accomplish.
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