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Kinky mattress
Since giving up cleaning on luxury overseas boats last year due to knee problems, I appear to have been given a reprieve by the Doctors, who have decided to put off my knee replacements for another two years at least.

Consequently, the interior decorator that gave me this lucrative work is happy again once more.

I've done a fair amount of work for her this last month, yesterday she turned up with this little doozy for me.

The hand written description reads:

Composition: Natural Latex Core, surrounded with layers of 250g New Zealand Eco Wool & 100% Cotton inner cover.

We poured vinegar onto it.

They told me that someone had had an accident on it, urine.

It also appears to have cellulosic browning (water marks).

Usually I would have used Peeradicator, but not on this one.

Any suggestions ??.

Due to it's shape, size & weight, I can only do one side, get it dry & then do the other side.


Shortwun. sleep
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