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Paging Brian!!
Hey Brian, can you please explain the groupon thing to me?

Is there a thread somewhere on here (or any other bb)?

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You've called down the thunder. Explain it, he won't shut up about it! Tongue
You never rolled in the hay
Ya never thrown it in four wheel
Climb on up in here, girl
Let me show ya how country feels

"How Country Feels" Randy Houser

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(04-14-2011, 07:36 AM)Richardc Wrote: OMG

You've called down the thunder. Explain it, he won't shut up about it! Tongue

LMFAO! That's some funny stuff. LOL

Groupon? Where do I start?
You might want to call me about it. lol

Later today maybe.

Groupon is basically a company that sell jobs....NOT LEADS.
These are bought a paid for jobs....and they come at a price.

They want you to give the best deal you can.
Let's say 3 rooms carpet cleaning for $79.00
They sell that to as many people as they can...the customer pays the $79 to Groupon.

Groupon takes 50% for their service and writes you 3 checks totaling your half over about a 2 month period. The first check comes right away.

You then go do those jobs for the customers.

Here's the angle...whatever you upsell or do extra for a customer...the customer pays you directly....this is where we win.

If you leave marketing material behind AKA fridge magnets can keep these new found customers AND hopefully get their need to ask for those too.
These customers are also encouraged to tip ...and they do.

The bonus is you will get calls on the "side" from people who didn't buy a Groupon but still want you to work for them...that's 100% your job.

The exposure is more than you will ever get on your own in such a short time.
Groupon has 100s of thousands of people on their email list...and they all get to see your company name.....They may even check out your website. I got well over a 1000 hits the first day.

They have one day to buy your deal so the "sense of urgency" gets them to buy.

These are mid to high end customers who have enough money to pre pay for a carpet cleaning job....get the idea?

There is always more to do in a home...stairs, pet urine, upholstery etc etc etc.

I've ran 2 Groupon third is April 25th in Sacramento....Groupon loves me. Tongue

It's hard to get in and you have to have reviews and a good online presence to get in. I waited a year for my second one. Yikes
But I was trying a bunch of different deals that were rejected too.

It's a good jump start to any company. If you do a deal that's "low priced" like $45.00 and lower...expect to sell 1000 or more....that's a lot.

I like doing the deals closer to $100.00 (you have to do more work too) and you won't sell as many as to not get over whelmed.
My last one was a whole house special up to a 1500 sqft home for $99.00.

If you just do the deal with no "upsells" will lose and lose hard.

This isn't for the light hearted and it's not for the negative minded.

You have to be sure of yourself and your company...and your selling (without pushing) capabilities.

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Cool thanks! Was just wondering since it seemed to be mentioned in every thread?

Sounds like a pretty good gig if you are the upsell type....
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It can be....Like said....if you do a Groupon, you had better utilize those customers.

Even over the phone we ask...."is there anything else you need on that day?"

If I do a Groupon job and all they do is the work noted on the Groupon I'm not afraid to tell them

"We discount the price because we want to gain your trust as a cleaner. We would also appreciate it if you would tell your friends and family about us and possibly even your neighbors (as I had them some $25 off cards)."

Something like that.....How it's said (or if it's said) really depends on the customer and the situation.
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