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You're Invited to "Lunch with Larry" today!
Hi all:

I hold free "Lunch with Larry" tele-sessions every two weeks at 1pm Eastern Time.

Today's topic is "To err is human... to Recover from a misteak is Great Customer Service."

Join me and others on the phone for a lively discussion on how you can use great customer service as a marketing weapon to differentiate your company from your competition.

Dial 218-632-0928 Passcode 7524#

Hope to be talking to you in a few hours.

Larry Galler
Small Business Greatness Coach
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I'm sorry

I was out of town this AM, are they recorded Larry?

I bought another Cimex (used), had to drive down south of KC a couple of hours to pick it up.
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Ya never thrown it in four wheel
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"How Country Feels" Randy Houser

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I couldn't come cuz I had a double wide to clean at 1:00PM. awwwman
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Hi guys:

I have a "Lunch with Larry" on the phone every two weeks on Wednesdays at 1pm Eastern (I modify the schedule based on holidays and an occasional personal reason). You can listen in on a cell phone. If there is background noise I request that phones be put on mute and taken off mute if you want to ask a question or talk about your experiences.

I have not recorded these because I seek live interaction with those on the call - we discuss the topic and then usually someone brings up an issue they are dealing with in their business they are having difficulty resolving, and I coach them on that issue to see if I can help them resolve it. Can't do that without enough people on the call.

I've had calls with as many as 20 people, others with as few as zero (gasp!) and I never know how many will show up.

The next "Lunch with Larry" May 11 when the subject is: “What does Japan’s tsunami, General Motors, and The Boy Scouts have in common? Contingency Planning.”

Hope you can attend. I'll post invitations here a few days before future events (I thought to do it at the last minute on Wednesday - sorry)

For more info on these and other free business-building informational items, sign up to receive my weekly newspaper column at my web site (below).

Larry Galler
Small Business Greatness Coach

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