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Pads for Orek Orbiter - kcoff - 07-10-2016

If anyone uses the Orek Orbiter for stair cleaning, what is your process and what type of pads do you use.  I have a stepson, but I have been trying to speed things up a bit by also using the Orek Orbiter.  The problem I am having, besides keeping the velcro attachment on when switching stairs, is finding a pad that works.  When I pull the pads off it seems to destroy them.  I have tried the super zorb pads, gladiator pads, and a smaller micro-fiber blue pad from Direct Mop Sales.  They all get destroyed when taking them off.

RE: Pads for Orek Orbiter - Derek - 07-10-2016

this has been talked about a couple times in recent months on the various forums. i assume you are using the stock hook&loop head on the Orbiter??

if so, you need to run it on concrete until all the nubs are worn down to nothing. then gorilla glue or marine goop a round piece of velcro onto it. make sense? or are you having another issue??

RE: Pads for Orek Orbiter - thecleaningdude - 07-10-2016

Derek is right. get rid of the nubs, glue on some Velcro and you're good to go....

RE: Pads for Orek Orbiter - DanK - 07-16-2016

Where do you get the round velcro from? Got a link to it?

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RE: Pads for Orek Orbiter - Derek - 07-18-2016

call and ask John G @ ( 8 5 9 ) 7 4 4 - 5 3 3 2 

or else this: