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Free Hall with every cleaning! - Barry-QDCC - 09-30-2016

You'd think after 22 years in the biz I'd have decisions/ideas/ways of doing things already figured out - but I don't.  I'd like to think I'm a flexible thinker rather than a person who can't make a decision.

I'm thinking raising my prices again - back to previous levels that  I had for awhile but lowered because I felt business was affected for whatever reasons - economy/cheapskate customers/etc.

This time I'm going to offer "FREE hallway with every cleaning".  (size restrictions will be in place) My minimum charge will do 3 rooms plus the free hallway. or maybe a smaller size bathroom if they don't have a hallway.

QUESTION for anyone who might have the same offer: If someone does NOT have a hallway or a bath to clean, would you discount an area the amount you'd normally charge for the hallway.  In other words, the  customer is only cleaning 4 rooms and has nothing else to clean so you'll discount the price of a hallway on the 4th room. OR do you say "sorry the free hall is just that...a free hall"

I'm leaning towards the "no discounting rooms"  policy.

What say you?

RE: Free Hall with every cleaning! - thecleaningdude - 10-02-2016

Don't discount if they don't have a hallway. Discounted add-on would be better, imo. Maybe offer another area at a discount, discounted protector or something along those lines. 

What size restrictions are you considering?

RE: Free Hall with every cleaning! - Barry-QDCC - 10-03-2016

Whenever I've given a free hall in the past I've always limited it to what I tell people is a "standard" width (3.5' to 4') hall up to 20' long. Which means  about 80sq/ft or less.  I charge $1 a linear foot for standard width halls.  So if the hall turns out to be 30' long ($30 value) and they are getting a free hall discount I'd only charge them $10 for the 30' hall.

I don't think I was clear in my original post about discounting if they don't have a hall to give them for free.  

Remember I was pondering raising my prices slightly and offering a free hall with every cleaning.  
Right now my minimum is $100 for 3 rooms.
My new minimum charge would be $120 for 3 rooms and the free hall.  
If they had 4 rooms and a free hall the charge would be $160.00.  

But if they don't have a hall and want to clean 4 rooms do I reduce the $160 to $140 (reducing the price by $20 for the hall they are NOT doing) ?

do I still charge $160 and it's just tough luck that they don't have a hall to do for free?

RE: Free Hall with every cleaning! - thecleaningdude - 10-04-2016

How about $30.00 per room and hallways $20.00 (if it's within your allowable size). $110.00 is a nice number, imo. This would save you from having to explains the 'terms' of your deal. Offer flat rate protector for traffic areas only at a discount.

RE: Free Hall with every cleaning! - kelbev - 10-08-2016

I've been offering this for years. Free hallway only. I have a 3 room minimum and charge a flat $45 per room. So $135 for 3 regular size rooms and a normal size hallway.