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Any Liberty owners?
(10-01-2016, 03:07 PM)Derek Wrote:
(10-01-2016, 07:00 AM)joel hoppe Wrote: Run sprayer wide open for halls or large areas of commercial carpet----Homes will depend on soil level.

That is why I use encap green or spot and boost green
Look on google for air induction nozzles to reduce drift from spray

great info, thanks!

on today's CGD project i used PCP and was surprised and happy that i didn't cough once. i heard it has butyl in it. if so, i will look to use Encap Green once i have used up my current supply of various encaps.

so today i again used just 1 ThinOne on 2.8k CGD. i should probably swap out to a new T.O. every 500-1k sq.ft. huh??

pro's: used less encap solution ; cleans right up tight to a wall, unlike my Cimex ; the lower-profile head can get a couple inches under things that the Cimex head could not clear ; cleans a hair better than the Cimex (if i used ThinOnes under the Cimex, the carpet would not have cleaned up as well. loving the extra head-weight on this Lib!)

con's: not a true con, but the job again went as fast as with my Cimex...i was hoping for faster, but being it was my 2nd time using the Lib i know i'll get faster with her. for some this wouldn't be a con, but speed is primarily why i bought this machine. again not a true con because i feel i will get faster which would negate this whole complaint.

so far only 2 nuts have loosened & fell off on me...they are in the same location on the right and left side of the machine. they are the nuts located at the pivot point of where the head swivels up/down...if that makes sense. i CRANKED them really tight and so far so good.

Put some red loctite on the nut---that should have plastic inside and not loosen but loctite works for the nuts on wheels and other ones you find loosen up.
I prefer the gray microfiber with scrub strips because of the foam inside which will absorb longer than a thin white pad plus they scrub better. I have donw 2500 sq with the gray pads if i am not doing a bad entryway that needs more pads.  If you want to go faster use a gray fiber max pad and use bigger jets like 02-03. then you can run if you are not concerned about absorbing. You will find the sweet spot for yourself by testing.
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