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Free Hall with every cleaning!
You'd think after 22 years in the biz I'd have decisions/ideas/ways of doing things already figured out - but I don't.  I'd like to think I'm a flexible thinker rather than a person who can't make a decision.

I'm thinking raising my prices again - back to previous levels that  I had for awhile but lowered because I felt business was affected for whatever reasons - economy/cheapskate customers/etc.

This time I'm going to offer "FREE hallway with every cleaning".  (size restrictions will be in place) My minimum charge will do 3 rooms plus the free hallway. or maybe a smaller size bathroom if they don't have a hallway.

QUESTION for anyone who might have the same offer: If someone does NOT have a hallway or a bath to clean, would you discount an area the amount you'd normally charge for the hallway.  In other words, the  customer is only cleaning 4 rooms and has nothing else to clean so you'll discount the price of a hallway on the 4th room. OR do you say "sorry the free hall is just that...a free hall"

I'm leaning towards the "no discounting rooms"  policy.

What say you?
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