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Give me your advise please
Have a large commercial account, they had the elevator serviced, and on the 5th floor made a mess. 3 grease (or oil) spots,. I hit it with tripple stength mix of encap green and mixed in a little spot n boost, Went back this morning to check and they are still there. So I hit it with spot n boost, gave a scrub and a blot. Can't tell for sure if I got it out , it's still wet. But it Looks like it's gonna still be there. I'm going back tonight to check.

SO if these spots are still there tonight, what would you advise? I'm thinking hel gel? scrub and blot? helgel scrub n run? hel gel wet pad? hel gell dry pad? what do you think? I can only use OP because I can't fit my TM in the building, So I would be limited to VLM tek neeks. What would your next step be.
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Hit it with Anomaly and pad it the old fashion way, rinse and dry.
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I have had unreal "luck" on grease and oil with Abstraction TLC and/or Blaze.

If you have it on hand, I'd be working Cyclone, PIG out, and hel-gel into the stain and expect to be there a relatively long time.
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Hel Gel. Use it all the time for these type of issues
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hel gel, tamping brush, dwell 3 min, tamping brush, tamping brush on terry towel, water spritz as to dilute remaining hel gel & hand rub - I assume these spots are smaller than a golf ball.

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