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want to see my filter?
Andy, as I wrote in my first post, nothing flushes out more crap out of a carpet better or faster than a RotoVac or RX20...and I will add now, with a truck mount at the other end of the hoses. And as I also said, I might have used HWE and a RotoVac on that job myself. The bottom like is you did a good job and indeed preformed a deep cleaning on that carpet.

The RotoVac is a great tool to use when necessary. HWE will sometimes clean a carpet either faster or better than OPE, and sometimes both. On the other hand, OPE will often clean a carpet either faster or better than HWE, and often both.

On a light face-weight frieze, I would wonder if the Rotovac cleans too deeply, especially if the carpet is several years old AND the latex backing is degraded. I wonder if some of that crap in your filter got sucked out of the backing...sandy pieces of loose latex? I like the idea of using the Rotovac on heavy weight cut pile which I know is full of contamination. A wand does NOT flush out as much soil as most folks think it does, and I am talking about a high-flow wand. Makes me laugh when folks using a portable with low pressure and a low-flow wand make negative comments about OPE.

I encourage people not to make quick assumptions based on any particular job experience. I encourage folks to pay attention to the details of each job and observe everything.

When doing my pre-inspection, I like to get down on my hands and knees and take a close look at the carpet. Separate the yarns, note the extent and type of soil, look at the it white? What are people tracking in from outside? Do they enter the house from a filthy garage floor? From an asphalt parking lot? Are the owners/tenants Asian and do a lot of stir frying? Pets? Type of carpet fiber?

Then I vacuum.... AND LOOK AT WHAT I VACUUMED UP. Did I vacuum up a lot of staple yarns? If so, who cares. Lot's of pet hair? This can be a problem as the hairs are a breading ground for bacteria. Mostly I am looking to see if I vacuum up a lot of fine particulate, which often I do. This tells me the folks are either not vacuuming properly or using a poor vacuum.

If using HWE, I check my filter basket after each job. When I was my pads, I check the color of the water.... but pads will be from several jobs, so not specific to any one.

might finish or add to this post later
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Well Paul, Basically no disagreement form me, every situation is different , Just like you I carry several tools and will decide how to use them , depending on what I'm up against.
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(10-20-2013, 08:52 PM)Andy Mc Wrote: Well Paul, Basically no disagreement form me, every situation is different , Just like you I carry several tools and will decide how to use them , depending on what I'm up against.

Best post of the night! Exactly man.

Btw, I really need to get me a 360i
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When I work with Carlos (he posts here as well) and we use his TM (Pro 1200) the carpets dry in about 2 and a half hours on average.

It's amazing and I never would have thought that it's possible.

Crack windows, Dri Pods, Studebaker, done.

But the next job might require the Orbot. You never know.

All kinds of tools out there.
I'm just trying to hack my way to glory.

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