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Hyrdoforce Question
(04-07-2011, 06:47 PM)Richardc Wrote: I think you'll need 150 PSI to get it to draw chemical and the city water is only 80-PSI.

The thing is rated at 30 I thought it would draw at that level...but no go.

I looked up water pressure and got mixed answers but it seems like around 40psi....put that 50 ft or better and it drops enough before it even gets to the sprayer.

Oh well.
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So it turns out I WAS just choking the water supply.

I spoke with a fine gent about this (he's been doing it for years)

The adaptor at the spiggot choked it....the regular solution line choked it....QCs choked it.

The sprayer I was using was crap.

So I got a powerforce...Non adjustable this time.
I used pressure washer QCs...because they are wide open (but they drain when not connected)
Limited adaptors.....and I changed the QC on the power force too....wide open all the way from the spiggot.

75ft of regular industrial garden hose (slightly thick) and and it works great....even seems to draw well....but the jury is still out on the mix.

I hooked up my 65ft clear solution line (the one I like to bring in the home cause it's perty) and it didn't seem to choke it anymore so I will have that as well.

So fromthe hose to the hose with fresh water to the injection sprayer.

I also changed the fittings on my keg and pump so if needed, I can use the 70psi pump with fresh water from the keg to the injection sprayer.

Cool fish.

I know it sounds like a cluster F...but it really is simple AND it will save my pump from Peroxcellent. AND AND the injection sprayer is waaaaay easier to rinse out at the end of the day.
Just stick the draw line in another jug of clear water and lettergo for a minute or so.

Did I forget anything? I'm trying it in the real world today.

Does anyone really care?. I'm sorryLOL
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[Image: Doc.jpg]
Yea sounds like you were doing a lot of lately?[/ Yikes
You never rolled in the hay
Ya never thrown it in four wheel
Climb on up in here, girl
Let me show ya how country feels

"How Country Feels" Randy Houser

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(04-16-2011, 08:16 AM)Richardc Wrote: [Image: Doc.jpg]
Yea sounds like you were doing a lot of lately?[/ Yikes

I call it "cleaning the upholsery" LOL
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Well I'll be hornswaggled.

I'm not like a charm. An endless supply of juice with no pump or crap to put up with.

Draws really well from the Injection Sprayer....probably draws a little too good.

I may have to dilute the Peroxcellent. I need to bucket test it.

I should be able to suck up 10 oz of Peroxcellent and fill and 1 gallon bucket right Steve?

That would be the right ratio....maybe it gives it on the bottle....hmm.

Anyway....easy stuff....hook up the hose, connect the smaller, prettier hose for the house and start spraying.

Did 3 houses today and used 1 gallon of Peroxcellent and some IRed to boost....which I need to figure out the boost ratio too...I used the glug glug method today. BlushConfusedAngel

Anyway, did one nasty and 2 decent jobs.

Here's a pic

[Image: beforeandafter9.jpg?t=1303006785]

I really was surprised how well it worked ...and how inexpensive it ended up being.

$140.00 Power Force injection sprayer
$30.00 garden hose
$20.00 or so for fittings etc.

I'll be using this from now on.

OH, and of course I can use the pump and keg still if I don't have a hose close enough.

These boards made this possible for me.
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Welp Brian, you got it half right...

the job is measured & quantified, pics are proof...

But there is no pic of the sprayer - "wassup with thaaat!"

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Damn, I didn't even think about that.

I'm doing a job today. I will take some pics.

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