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Then and Now....
How many core machines have you used over the years? What did you start with and what are you using now?
I'm just trying to hack my way to glory.

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1 X's Orbot, Windsor & Sanitare Vacs, Multisprayer, Oreck Orbitor, Stepson, BrushEncap (TM4) CRB  
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(08-27-2016, 03:02 AM)thecleaningdude Wrote: How many core machines have you used over the years? What did you start with and what are you using now?

I started with a used Easy Glide, a Kirby and a Stepson 5.75 years ago.  My education came from this board.  Thanks to all!

I have stuck exclusively with VLM cleaning and have not strayed.  It is my niche that sets me apart and I am very thankful for all of the pioneers!  I do have a Namco Scooter box extractor but do not use it often.  I have owned a CX-20 (Brute); Trinity Profit; Trinity CM; Trinity Beast; Trinity Sport and Trinity Liberty ( Sport, Liberty and Beast are current).  CRBs: TM5; TM4; Powr-Flite Multiwash.
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OP machines (Trinity Beast, Profit, Oreck Orbiter, Stepson);  Strong Dry CRB 15" 
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I started with a Recoil in 09'. Then found a used Challenger for $500 and it instantly changed my business. I basically built my business with a Challenger and Vacaway chems!

Fast forward a couple of years and I got back into HWE for the efficiency but always kept an OP machine on the vans.

Today, I have a new Ford Transit with Sapphire 570ss in it and a Orbitec Defender. I just purchased a Mytee ECO-17 and that will be my main OP machine. Right now I'd say I'm 50/50 VLM/HWE and the chems are better than ever nowadays.

If I could do it all over again? I'd 100% stick with VLM and push dry times and no wickbacks. VLM just plain works for my business model and customers. That and the VLM machines are much more affordable.

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Back in the year 1971 AD, I started cleaning (?) with an old Bramil (Australian) 175rpm floor polisher with carpet brush.
After the first job, I thought,"This is like shampooing your hair & not rinsing, so that got the flick, real quick.

I then went to various portable machines, usually about 100psi & 1 vac; motor. Blush 
I also had "janitorial" going on in the early days, so this sufficed,  sort of.

When I moved to Cairns from West Australia, I was able to get better equipment starting with 500 psi, 2 vacs; auto empty/fill, etc;

I then bought my first truck mount from Gary Bethel, an Australian made Hydro-Vac with liquid ring vacuum, heat exchanger, but only around 800psi.

The heat was never really that good so I installed an LPG heater which was mounted on a bracket that I could swing out of the rear door when working.

I've since had many other machines including a MasterBlend TF3500 and Rotovac (original) CFX, bought directly from the 'states when I was over there, which I recently sold & purchased a new CFX-15.

After meeting with Rick Gelinas at Connections in the Riviera a decade or so ago, I purchased my first Cimex, then an Orbot Sprayborg, then another Cimex, and an Argonaut & an Oreck also a 360i with all attachments.

The next two years will see a big change in our direction, downsizing considerably with NO large or heavy equipment.

Specialising mainly on leather, spot dyeing, stain removal & minor carpet repairs, + fabric upholstery cleaning & protection.
We will also be targeting the RV market for carpet cleaning & the above.

I'm not as young as Steve Smith, Toot Horn  so the trouble 'n strife tells me I gotta slow down, relax and see a bit more of the country.

That's the plan.


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After 7 years running a bane clean truckmount/portable for another company put together my own rig and started from the yellow pages

2005 Started running a portable from van because %50 of the jobs here need portable over 10 stories high. And a ultimate dry clean machine for upholstery and  tile equipment and separate pump using a heat exchanger hooked up to exhaust from a generator. Built it from info on internet.
astro van with tanks and generator.

2007  Went to a hydramaster 4.8 direct drive 

2011  Went to 2 trinty cm machines and a stepson---using a nautilus tile machine for large tile jobs where sq ft is large. Less days using hose better for the back and less expenses per year with same gross income.
learning something new every minute Hands up Laughing
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