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This place is dying or everyone is really busy.  Which is it?
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Good question!!!
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  1. Facebook pages have taken over.  The advantage to this forum to me is the ability to search.  Most questions have been asked and answered if a search is performed answers are usually readily available.  Usually a lot less drama and foolishness here too, but to be honest a lot of times the drama on fb is quite entertaining.  
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All the forums have slowed down, some have even shut down. Even the big two aren't what they once were. Perhaps things will change in the future, but for the moment FB, and more importantly its platform, makes things very simple for mobile users. 

However, as Chris mentioned, the forums are much, much better for research and archiving.
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LOL Nothing to report.. sleep ..just wanted this to go to the top again!   bump
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The Australian Carpet Cleaners Forum closed down as of November 1.

Sad day for all concerned.

A ton of vital information gone.

Faceless has really screwed the forums.

Sure, it's easy to access, but when you need vital information is a hurry, that's a different story.

Being able to search for reliable information & find it, without the associated garbage, is priceless.

We only have ourselves to blame for allowing this to happen because MANY PEOPLE are just to lazy to be patient with posting photo's etc; & some, too mean to help others out.

There will always be just those that look, & take advantage, but never offer anything of substance.

I believe that this is why the forums are faltering.

Just my thoughts, doesn't mean that I'm right.

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I agree 100%

Used to love this place as well as other forums. Things have definitely slowed to a crawl around here. Sad indeed.

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When I decided to transition to LM cleaning with encapsulation this forum was very instrumental in giving me information to make that switch.  You could say it gave me the confidence to make that switch.  It was really helpful to have the back-and-forth with all the people here and to read the older posts.  It is a sad time for sure.
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FB is not too different. there is a Search function, i use it weekly. a lot more pictures that is for sure. still the same old drama by the same old drama least there is Damon's Pad Life which is about as drama-free as it gets.
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Shorty mentioned the Australian board closing down. USCleanersnetwork also closed its doors a few months ago as did the ICS forum and All Star Cleaners. Cleaners Lounge, Fat Cat and ES have slowed down tremendously. Facebook has moved the discussion from forums to groups and it has had a big impact. 

However, all are welcome to start threads. This is the single (and only way) to keep things active.
I'm just trying to hack my way to glory.

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I used to be on the boards all the time.  I miss the camaraderie.  Just doesn't seem like there's as many hours in the day anymore.
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I'm actually going to TRY & limit my wasted time on Facebook.

I intend to TRY & monitor + regulate/update my Facebook business sites more often instead.

Talking   [Image: Smiley%20Crap_zpsprcsmcdg.png]     & posting pics of food & liking everyone & Toot Horn my own horn,  well, the gloss has faded for me.

I digress, yep, Facebook for social comment between carpet cleaners to me, is disappointing to say the least.

So if those of you that monitor Facebook no longer see me, then I've remembered & all is well.

If you do see me posting more non-sensible garbage, Use Head then give me a kick & tell me - No Trolls


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