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Red Vanish gone bad?
I asked a similar question once before about Red Vanish going bad after months in the van.  It has a very strong smell which it doesn't have when fresh.  

Does anyone notice the effectiveness having gone down when Red Vanish has that strong smell?

How often do you pour out and refresh?
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I believe RV has a long shelf life, but the heat may have an impact on this. Curious, have you tried using it? 

Stay tuned and we'll find out the answer to this.
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Thanks for the link & the answers.

Living in a tropical climate I am also concerned about these factors.


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I actually don't do many red stain removals using the steamer that I get paid for.  Mostly I spray Red Vanish on spots and tell the customer as it dries overnight the red might "vanish".  I really do not see the final results in most cases - thus I'm not sure what "older" Red Vanish results are.

So if Red Vanish doesn't go bad, why do we get that strong smell as it gets older?
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The reducing agent used in the formula increases in strength of scent as it ages (can't tell you the exact reason, only that it does).  Red Vanish for wool gets even stronger in scent as it ages.  An increase in strength of scent does not equal "gone bad".  Both still work as always.  

Since you are unable to wait for the results when you clean, try this:  Mix 1 part Red Vanish with 2 parts Kool-Aid or Hawaiian Punch.  If that liquid mixture turns to yellow or nearly yellow within 1 to 2 minutes, Red Vanish is still VERY viable.  

Hope this helps,

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