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dirt/vacuuming !!
Was hard to resist labeling the thread more on vacuuming!! 

But when it comes to the subject and all the testing of various kinds of tools.

The science of the dirt THEY stirpot (not really stirring the pot, but it is the closest meme to a mad scientist i found) use.

I certainly hope they include glitter in the mix of soils. !!  That stuff is a real pain to get all up!
Just did a condo, basement had dark blue carpet tiles. Halogen track lighting.
I thought I was in a planetarium, but looking down and not up!!!
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Great point! Would be good to know what testing criteria they follow. 

What vac did you use? How many square feet and how long did it take?
I'm just trying to hack my way to glory.

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I really was not too worried about it.  
Just thought it was sort of funny because it is hard to always get it all. 
Afterwards, I asked her if she had kids because of the glitter. 
She did not and did not know where it came from.  Probably there when she moved in. 1

Or her cats!! GLITTER LITTER!!! Big Grin Big Grin

Customer told me they had vacuumed!  Yeah right.  
I used one they had in the garage. 
The carpet was in a basement.  I oped it. (basement only).  Was not dirty at all.
Client had already moved out, and was getting it ready to give the key back. So you know it was not a high paying gig.
And to top it off , electric Co. showed up while I was there to cut the power.
I had  already mixed up pre-spray and hosed everything down including the basement!
Where there was no way to ventilate , get air circulation to. !

upstairs I left windows open, after oking with the customer.
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