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Reminders for your clients
How do you word your email reminders for:

Regular clients that are repeating on a ( for instance ), monthly, quarterly, six monthly, yearly basis??

Clients that you have done a "one-off" clean approximately twelve months ago??

Do you have a brochure printed up??

Do you have a standard email form for this??

Email me if you wish to:

Much appreciated.

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I'm pretty bad about reminders.  Even worse about getting emails to send out reminders.  A few times a year I'll get on the phone and start calling.  I'm gonna try to be more consistent about calling and mailing out reminders and finally ordered some reminder postcards.  I sent out about 60 or 70, I guess, over the past few weeks and got about 5 or 6 calls so far.

[Image: reminder_drynamic1.jpg]
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Looks good Wayne.

I think many of us tend to get a bit slack when the work is rolling in. Wink 

Beer   Angel   hatsoff
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