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better tool = more dollar per hour??
(04-13-2011, 10:41 AM)kingjoelking Wrote: Sorry Brent. I wasnt very specific. Large franchise janitorial companies are what I was specifically talking about. Worked for 3 different companies. All three charged the same for carpet cleaning. And all three would drop that price if someone told them that another competitor was less.

Exactly, I have a franchise with one of them. I have told them to NOT sell a single carpet job for me. I'm not into cleaning cubes at $0.07. They tell me continually $0.09 is top dollar and you are lucky to get it. I then bring invoices at $0.24, $0.11 (personal friend and lots of open space), $0.28, $0.15, and they wonder how I do it. I've opened a floor care company to avoid them "helping" me out. The last help they gave me was 56k at $0.064. Without encap no way that was break even. Empty weekend at $94 per hour beat sitting at home, but, no more help for me.
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