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sebo question
Probably a stupid question but it seems alot of you carpet cleaners out there use the sebo for pre scrub of pre spray so i am assuming it is safe to do so and that any solution that gets up into the machine won't hurt it--are all the electrical components water proofed? I am thinking of getting one so who in the good ole USA sells them new
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I have used the Sebo now for a few months and it is awesome!

I'm not really worried about the electrical components since they seem to be sealed from the brushes?
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Just a suggestion, you might want to consider a Koblenz ( not sure
on the spelling) Costs a lot less and works great. You even use it
on tile and grout or vct.
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I agree with nick here. I had and used the Koblenz 2600 (?) for about 3 years and liked it. It was only about $140 or compared to the $500 for the Sebo?

The only thing I like about the Sebo that is better, is the crb motion of the brushes vs the spinning of the Koblenz? IMO the Sebo digs deeper and actually stand the carpet back in the matted down and traffic areas...
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Check with JB on Mike's board I think he is a distributor and would probably get you a good deal on one.
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