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Red White and Fizzy
Just did a rat nasty loaded with old dog hair...push pins...a comb...some bobbyclips...and a turd-looking chunk of chewing gum.

My magic, mojo juice supreme?

Red 4 OZ
Peroxcellent 10-12 OX

And a whole lotta love.

I am a god.

Thanks Steve.
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You are welcome my son.
[Image: mad_scientist.jpg]
[Image: LogoSmall.jpg]
Products that make you a HERO in your customer's eyes!Rdance
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I sure hope you vacuumed first! Off Topic
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(04-21-2011, 12:02 PM)Pigchip Wrote: I sure hope you vacuumed first! Off Topic

I did vacuum Mr Piggy.

Before and again after.

The times that I do not vacuum are when the cleaners have just finished their job.

I was just rashing Con.
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I just do not have the time nor interest in doing one more thing in a nasty home.

They were lucky I even vacuumed that sh#* hole.
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Those are my favorite to take pics of.

You can really see a difference on the nasty ones.

It's cool though...I understand.

It's like Seinfeld...

"It's a good thing they installed air dryers in the public bathrooms. They take a little longer to dry....But that's what I like doing is spending more time in public bathrooms."

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glad it was 'measured & verified' Phil!

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(04-21-2011, 11:01 PM)Con Schultz Wrote: glad it was 'measured & verified' Phil!


Measured: real dirty.
Verified: Client was happy, wrote check.


I have a very stable self esteem. Hence, the need to photo and offer as evidence how dirty it was and how dirty it was not... is of little use to me.

As the author of this DAT, I know what MY intentions were. They were to thank Steve for making ME look like a much better carpet cleaner than I deserve.

This is neither the first nor last thread I will start wherein I truly offer my gratitude to Steve for his chemicals. And none of them will have the Paparazzi fotos you girls seek.

I will, however, offer up addresses so anyone may drive by and take as many shots as your hearts desire.

PM me for details.

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Snippy lately, huh?
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