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Intensity Green with HWE
I ordered a sample of Intensity GREEN to try with my Steamin Demon. I was concerned about foam being an issue.

I used it for the first time to day. Foam wasn't an issue at all! I'm excited about this, since I'd rather stick to Vacaway chems all around. It's a great cleaner too BTW. Really cleaned up some abused berber steps nicely.

Great product.
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Phillip, many thanks for the feedback on using Intensity GREEN with the Demon... I didn't think foam would be a problem, but wasn't completely sure. thanks
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Phil which size and style Demon do you have? Do you use it regularly or just for flushing impacted areas?

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Was it applied as a prespray or did you rinse with it?
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Hey Guys, sorry for the delay.

I use a classic Demon and a Pacific Steamex Tsunami. They've been my main cleaning machines up until now(although I haven't done a ton of work yet). I used the Intensity GREEN as a prespray and rinsed with the Demon. Worked like a charm. I think it'll be my go to chem for HWE.
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