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And why do you want a FILM former anyway?
Doesn't make sense to me on why you would want a film former.
You know it's going to adhere to the fiber and NOT break off.

I can see using it in a HWE and hoping you'll rinse off the goop but why use it with a pad system when you know the residue is going to be there until you rinse it off?

It's not going to fracture and be vacuumed up.

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My job is clean the carpets of homes that have been seriously neglected.

I am pretty sure no one is going to sit down with a magnifying glass and see that a non-sticky film has formed on their beautiful carpets.. one that will NOT be near as sticky as the carpet was upon my first arrival.

If sticky was not a problem, I'd be greeting at Walmart.

"Hi, welcome to Walmart. Want a buggy?"

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ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I'm tellin Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve. LOL
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I am with Jimmy - if you dont need it - why use it?

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I thought you all knew that all any carpet cleaner is going to do is remove some of the dirt and make the carpet look better. As soon as a brand new carpet gets walked on there will be dirt in it that will never come up.

Steve the Wiz says that his testers found the film leaving Intensity to do a better job with less than his previous Crystal Meth Cleaners...

Look better with film or have a better story to tell with Broken Crystal?

You are in the cosmetics business. Making carpet look better.

Mr Piggy that goes for you too, Do the white towel test after you are done with a carpet and see if it comes up clean. You cannot douse it with Protector beforehand either.
Quality means doing it right when no one is looking...

Henry Ford
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Good film formers do break away Jimbo...

However; our film formers do not have excess polymer! Excess polymer is better for removing stickiness that is already in the carpet.... that is one reason that carpets stay cleaner longer when using these types of products.

Not only do our crystallizers help you to remove the dirt & grime, but they help render previously applied sticky products and sugary spills to be non-sticky.

After using a good crystallizer the carpet will stay cleaner much longer since there is little or no stickiness left to attract dirt. Without some degree of stickiness in a carpet, except for removing staining materials, vacuuming would be all that was ever needed. The dirt would easily vacuum away instead of sticking to the fiber!

Even the best of crystallizers do not always break away immediately when vacuuming. EXAMPLE: Let's say the previous carpet cleaner left a lot of sticky residue in a carpet and then you use a product like our Hot Knife, Encap GREEN or Peroxcellent to clean with (they all contain excess polymer).

The excess polymer will mix with the sticky residue left from before, but now it won't crystallize well since it has mixed with the sticky residue! It now forms a film! The film will break away with vacuuming and foot traffic, but it will take longer to do so than if the excess polymer wasn't used to remove the stickiness.

It seems that I keep having to explain how this works, so I must not be getting through very well. I wish I could explain all this stuff better in writing, but I am the first to admit I have poor writeing skills. I'm sorry

One way to demonstrate, to yourself, what I am trying to explain here is to place a drop of Dawn or other dish soap or even a drop of imitation maple syrup in a shallow dish or on a smooth surface. Now, mix in 3 or 4 drops of a good crystallizer such as Hot Knife, or Encap GREEN. Allow it all to dry. The dried combination will not be sticky and it will form a film!

If this were in a carpet it would be a very, very thin film and would break away a little at a time with vacuuming and foot traffic. It would not cause the carpet to re-soil since it is not sticky.

Hope this helps!dance

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