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Another cooler test
(07-17-2011, 05:56 PM)Marc Imbesi Wrote: Yeah, I agree, this aint the prettiest. I'd take Tennessee over this hell hole. AZ is the dirtiest by far!

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder boys and girls... I love Arizona desert and mountains. I would trade Tennessee landscapes in a heartbeat. I also love Nevada...

I guess I am just a desert rat at heart! Beer
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Besides being here with Barb, I got excited to lose humidity and snow. After 1 yr I miss both terribly. People here get depressed with 94 days straight of sunshine, like the east does with 5 days straight rain. When it rains it smells like rotten food (a desert rat must like). No real change of seasons is hard for me to take, too. I miss the beach. The people back east, attitude and all, are much more friendlier. Networking here is what are you gonna do for me, not what can I do for you. BNIs "givers gain" does not apply. So, like I opened with, besides Barb, Im miserable in the desert!
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TN was nothing to look at either.
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I miss CA in a bad way....1 hour to the beach, 1 hour to the snow and mountains, 1 hour to the desert.

Texazz has been a horrible experience in most ways...Been very profitable though.

I didn't notice it too much behind a desk. Once I got out and started cleaning.....For the love of God I miss CA. lol

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I love my home, my town and my State.

22 minutes to the beach.

8 minutes to the river....

and 3 minutes to the bar.

Hot as snot year-round, rains a lot this time of year.....and hurricanes galore.

I wear flip flops, shorts and a sexy little thong.

But I earned the right to be here be being here year round. If ya can't handle the heat, stay home for the winters. We need the space.
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